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Yes No Check the box to indicate the reason a withholding certificate should be issued. See the instructions for information that must be attached to Form 8288-B. General Instructions Purpose of form. Use Form 8288-B to apply for a withholding certificate to reduce or eliminate withholding on dispositions of U.S. real property interests by foreign persons but only if the application is based on 1. Form 8288-B Application for Withholding Certificate for Dispositions by Foreign Persons of U.S....
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The Form 8288-A and Form 8288-BB are not necessary for use with Form 8288. This form is used by nonresident aliens, U.S. residents, foreign governments and certain foreign institutions to reduce the withholding tax on an amount subject to U.S. taxation. This is accomplished by stating the withholding allowance to be determined. The amount to be reduced is entered and the amount to be withheld is entered on the line for the foreign country or by the method described later. Exception for persons with incomes subject to U.S. taxation. Persons with incomes subject to U.S. taxation may not use Form 8288. However, persons with such incomes may use Form 708 to make U.S. source U.S. income reductions on its behalf. Form 8288 may not be used if it's inconsistent with federal regulations (see the Forms 8288 and 8289 instructions for exceptions to the use of the form, and the Form 8288-A and Form 8288-BB instructions for information about the limitations discussed above). Also see the section on U.S. tax treatment of income in the Pub. 15-A and in the Instructions for Form 1040A. Exception for employees not subject to U.S. taxation. If an entity is an employee with respect to an amount subject to U.S. taxation, information with respect to that amount is treated for the purpose of Form 8288 as information with respect to an income tax withholding from the employee. A. General. This general Instructions for Form 8288 will show you how to complete Form 8288-A, Form 8289, and the instructions for that form to apply for a U.S. withholding certificate. The Form 8289 are not necessary if used with Form 8288 and use Form 8288 or 8289 with either Form 8288 or Form 8289. The Form 8288-B is not necessary for use with Form 8289. B. General Table for the purposes of Form 8288. The general table is shown in Table 1, which is shown below for the purposes of Form 8288 (and the Form 8290 instructions). Table 1. General Instructions for Form 8288 A. Amounts or allowances subject to U.S. taxation. Under the general Instructions for Form 8288, you may use this table to determine the amount to be reduced by the tax on an amount subject to U.S. taxation.
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All right in this video I wanted to cover IRS form 8288 this is a form that is filed when you as a buyer purchase real estate that is owned by a non-us person so if you're a buyer of a piece of real property in the United States and the seller on the other end of this thing is not a U.S. person which is quite common these days you as the buyer are going to be obligated under the tax code to withhold tax on the sale of that property file this form and then pay the withholding tax to the IRS now this rule exists because under the internal revenue tax code the sale of U.S. property by a foreign person is subject to tax right it's U.S. source effectively connected income, but most foreign persons don't have to file tax returns so in order to make sure the IRS gets their cut of the money you as the buyer have to do this so in this example we have this is a real estate investment partnership, so it's an LLC filing a form 1065 every year, so it's a real estate partnership based out of...
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